Brigitte Tribaudeau’s role is to guard, cultivate and pass on the land for future generations. Respect and protection of the environment are her primary concern.

The family has been working in organic agriculture since 2017 and wishes to go further by practicing green viticulture.

“Our vineyard is like our garden”

In the vineyards, priority is given to biodiversity: the vines are grassed to encourage auxiliary fauna but also to protect the soil from erosion. 

Biodynamic techniques are also used: herbal teas and decoctions strengthen the vines natural defences on the one hand, sprays of horn dung and horn silica boost microbiological life on the other. 

Other tests are currently underway: the planting of strawberry plants to limit the growth of weeds, the use of broad beans to capture nitrogen from the air and return it to the plant, and finally the planting of radishes to aerate the soil. 

The harvest is manual and meticulous.

The different parcels are isolated in different vats (depending on the date of harvest, the grape variety, the age of the vine, the exposure, the soil and the slope.

A team of cheerful pickers reinforces the team each year. A tradition that is close to the heart of the whole family.

The Tribaudeau’s desire is to infuse rather than extract to preserve the fruitiness naturally present in the grapes.

Vinification and maturation are carried out without sulphur.

The wines are the result of a precise blend of different batches, giving the wines great complexity.

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 Tribaudeau Vineyard

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