Estate : Family and environment first

Château Mauvinon, is before everything the story of a family, the Tribaudeau’s, united by the common love of viticulture. But also the story of an old house from the 19th century is the family house and the cellar for the winemaking process and the cellar of aging at the same time. And finally the story of high quality wines that are made in a confidential manner and authentique in the respect of the fruit and of the terroir. 

The estate of 6,5ha is spread on the Saint-Émilion Grand Cru appellation. All the estate is now organic farming, this kind of farmer, protect the soil and is in the desire to give to the next generation a healthy and alive soil. 

Sharing and transmission build the wealth of the Tribaudeau’s. Gabriel Lauzat, the great-grand father was one of the first winemaker of the french Algeria and pass to the generation that succeed him his pioneer spirits. 

Claude Tribaudeau, was a “jura” in Saint-Émilion that he passed to his sons, Philippe and Marc, love for the soil. He was known by his peer as a man with a great humanity who worked a lot for Saint-Émilion.

Brigitte Tribaudeau direct nowadays with a lot of dynamism Château Mauvinon. Some constructions has been begins on her will for purpose to give to Mauvinon a new breath.

Nous Trouver

 Tribaudeau Vineyard

217, Mauvinon,

33330 Saint-Sulpice de Faleyrens 

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